About sparkling paper

Posters, prints, pictures, and sayings that sparkle on the wall. Posters with a wink, with good advice, or just of simple beauty. The brand-new poster shop www.sparklingpaper.com from owner Ingmar van Oosten went online at February 1st, during the ShowUP 2015.
For founder Ingmar it is a dream come true with the launch of a personal collection of paper products with which she hopes to conquer a lot of hearts at home and abroad. Therefore she has created a special collection with products that can be well combined with each other in terms of format and design, thus creating a unique style.  

"SPARKLING PAPER now consists of a collection of posters and cards that I would like to have myself. I have designed the collection with love and with the concept of being able to combine products according to your own taste and suitable for every room. The collection will be gradually expanded with new posters and other paper products," Ingmar explains enthusiastically.  

The collection is suitable for all ages. In the category 'Kids' you will not only find heartwarming animal pictures to brighten up the walls of the nursery, you will also find imaginative birth posters so you can always visit parents of a newborn with an appropriate gift.


The category 'Color' consists of colorful images. SPARKLING PAPER also has a black and white category of posters and cards giving your room a tougher look. The collection is sweet, cool, retro, and minimalistic. In addition the collection often has a Scandinavian touch, which is a marker of Ingmar’s descent.

Does your home need redecorating or are you looking for a personal gift?
The posters by SPARKLING PAPER will light up your wall and the entire surrounding area!

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